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  1. Dropping off the RV

    Ah, back to reality and civilization!  Most renters consider all the steps it takes to rent, pack and take-off on adventure, but what is truly needed to come back from an RV rental vacation?  Well, with

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  2. Get the dirt on keeping the LPB clean!

    When you pickup the Leamon Party Bus, you can expect that it’s clean, ready for the road and in great condition for your trip.  But we’ve been asked “do I have to clean the RV at

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  3. RV water flow 101

    One of the best parts about renting an RV (versus tent camping) are some of the basic conveniences without having to do a whole bunch of work.  One of those conveniences is having running water in

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  4. Serving San Diego, Escondido, Temecula and More!

    The Leamon Party Bus is located in North County San Diego in Escondido.  We’re a bit off the beaten path, but not far from freeways, grocery stores, etc.  More importantly, we’re in the middle of tons

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  5. Cooking inside the RV!

    Nothing beats an awesome meal grilled outdoors while camping, but there are tons of great reasons to fire up your meal inside the RV!  This includes quick meals in the microwave, making or baking side items,

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  6. Music and Lighting on your Camping Trip!

    When you think of camping, you think of nature, hikes, bike riding, awesome views, campfires and smores right? Well now you can add dance party to your memories!  With the Leamon Party Bus, you get some

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  7. The LPB is Stocked and Ready!

    When arriving to pick-up the RV, we’ve seen families stocked to the brim for their impending camping adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  But did you know that one of the big benefits

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  8. Power up with the Generator

    The beauty of renting an RV for camping is all the options you have to power your adventure.  But what if you can’t plug-in?  No problem, that’s what the generator is for.  It provides power to

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  9. Dry camping, partial hook-ups, full hook-ups, 101

    Campers like to use a lot of lingo to describe their camping environments. Here is what all that stuff means to the rookie. Full-hookups A campsite that offers power, water and sewer hookups. To take full

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  10. Plug-in the RV

    When you have full or partial hook-ups, you can plug the RV in to the campsite. It’s fairly simple and it means you have access to all the amenities you need with very little hassle. Here’s

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