The beauty of renting an RV for camping is all the options you have to power your adventure.  But what if you can’t plug-in?  No problem, that’s what the generator is for.  It provides power to the coach for all sorts of applications including A/C, Microwave, plugging-in your appliances, charging your phones and more.

All that being said, there are limitations to using the generator.  They are:

  • The generator runs on gas from the vehicle so you must have at least 1/4 tank for it to work (this is an anti-stranding feature)
  • Just because it powers up the coach doesn’t mean it powers up everything all at once!  You’ll need to be conservative about your generator use, especially when using the microwave or A/C (and don’t use both of those at once or you could trip a breaker)
  • It needs to warm up before being fully optimal for use, give it 5 or 6 min before plugging things in or using the microwave or A/C
  • If you are at an elevation, you’ll need to adjust the generator setting to the appropriate elevation and reduce power usage in the coach
  • Most campgrounds have noise policies and the generator will definitely violate them (which usually means no running the A/C overnight)

Here’s what you need to do to use the generator to power up the Leamon Party Bus:

  1. Make sure there’s nothing plugged-in to the power outlets and the A/C is turned off
  2. Make sure the electric plug from the coach is not plugged into an external power outlet (i.e. Home power outlet, campground power station, etc.)
  3. Plug the coach electric plug into the power unit within the electric box
  4. Hit the “Stop” button 4 times to prime the generator
  5. Hit the “Start” button and hold it down until you hear it fire up completely
  6. Within 5 to 6 min you can start to plug-in and/or run appliances

If you have any issues using the generator, read: Troubleshooting the Generator.