Generator is not Turning On

If the generator doesn’t fire up, you’ll want to check the following items:

  • First, make sure all appliances are off and nothing is plugged-in to the outlets
  • Check the RV gas levels, the truck must have 1/4 a tank of gas or more.  The RV has an anti-stranding feature so that the generator won’t use all the gas and strand you from driving.
  • If you’re up in elevation, double-check the elevation setting on the generator and ensure it’s properly set
  • Turn off the auxillary battery, give it a few minutes then turn it back on and try it again

No Power to Coach

If the generator fires up but you’re not experiencing power to the outlets or the appliances, look at the following:

  • Is the RV electric plug plugged into the electrical box within the electric box?  The generator will run without it but power won’t work.
  • You may have thrown a breaker on the generator itself which can happen if the coach is plugged into an outlet while attempting to start up the generator.  Make sure to turn off the breaker then turn it back on.

If none of these seem to be working, please call us at 760-529-2080.