When you pickup the Leamon Party Bus, you can expect that it’s clean, ready for the road and in great condition for your trip.  But we’ve been asked “do I have to clean the RV at the end of my trip?” and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Back from the desert after a rainy day

The reason is because while my wife and I do clean the RV before you arrive (which is why someone might think if we clean it, why should they), we do way more than we expect you to. We do a deep clean including both the exterior and interior. We also wash the windows, launder the towels, check the tires, make little fixes and repairs, etc. We do this not just for you, but because we love our little rig and want to keep it in tip-top shape both for our renters and our own family trips.

So imagine our horror when a renter brings it back and it’s not even swept, let alone filthy from head to tow like a mangy mutt!  We already have to put a lot of quality time in making it rent ready, let alone make-up for a complete lack of care from a renter.

This has happened before and prompted us to add a section within our liability contract which clearly states that we will charge you $200 if you don’t care for the RV properly including leaving it filthy either on the exterior (as pictured) or within the unit.

But hey, I have good news!

Cleaning the RV is not that much of a pain! In fact, when we camp, we usually pick up and sweep before bed time every other day. It’s really not that hard to keep it clean, after all, it’s the size of a single bedroom. And we’ve added conveniences like cleaning supplies, a clothes hamper and even collapsible buckets and trash cans for washing dishes and disposing of garbage.

The LPB comes fully stocked with cleaning supplies

All-in-all, it takes about 15-30 minutes to sweep, wipe down and bring back the RV in the appropriate condition to avoid any surcharges. We’ve got everything you need to ensure we’re on the same page. And if for some reason you end up with an excessively dirty LP Bus, give us a call or text prior and we’ll direct you to a super-cheap self-car-wash right down the street. I’ve washed it there multiple times myself and it’s super easy.

In the end, we as owners promise to provide you with what you need and make your trip a wonderful experience, including our initial deep clean and setup. In return, we ask that when you take it, remember it’s our family RV. My kids have the time of their lives in it. So will yours, and so will our next renters. There’s nothing that sours that feeling like getting socked with a $200 surcharge that we’d prefer not to withhold over something as easy as a quick sweep and wipe.

Remember, when you rent the Leamon Party Bus, the minute you drive away it is now under your care and ownership and you should treat it with the same care as if you owned it yourself.  Trust me, there’s no one who wants to avoid charging more or withholding a portion of your deposit than us.