Campfire at Rancho Os0 in San Ynez Mountains

November camping with Speaker set to “Christmas” red

When you think of camping, you think of nature, hikes, bike riding, awesome views, campfires and smores right? Well now you can add dance party to your memories!  With the Leamon Party Bus, you get some cool little upgrades including a bluetooth porch speaker for playing tunes and setting some mood lighting!

To operate the bluetooth speaker, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the “RV Media” app on your Apple iPhone or Android SmartPhone
  2. Make sure the “porch light” is switched on (switch is on the left-hand side of the kitchen counter facing the door)
  3. Connect via bluetooth or the app depending on your platform (it should show up as “RV Media RGB”)
  4. Open your favorite music app to play once you’ve connected
  5. Adjust volume on your phone up / down
  6. Use the RV Media app to change lighting settings including color, strobe, light on or off, etc.
RV Media App Controls Music and Porch Light

RV Media App controls light settings and music connection

Go to download the app before you arrive to have it ready!

Apple iTunes:

Google Android:



If you experience issues using the RV Media app, check the following:

  • Another phone is not connected to the bluetooth speaker
  • You’re connected via your phone’s bluetooth settings
  • Turn off airplane mode, bluetooth pairing is not possible
  • If you can’t connect with the above in place, choose to “forget” the device and re-pair with the speaker to start over
  • Porch light switch is in the on position (you’ll know because the porch light turns on)