One of the best parts about renting an RV (versus tent camping) are some of the basic conveniences without having to do a whole bunch of work.  One of those conveniences is having running water in the RV!

There are essentially 2 different ways you can have running water in the Leamon Party Bus:

  1. Hooking up to a campground water supply (via full or partial hookups)
  2. Using the internal water supply with water pump

Connecting to a campground hookup

If you’re at a campground that has full or partial hookups, you can have running water in the RV without having to use the internal 40 gallon tank (which can run out and need to be refilled).  Here’s how you connect to your campsite hookup:

  1. Park the RV with the drivers-side facing the electric tower and water spigot (location varies by campsite but water hookup is on the drivers side above the gas cap)
  2. Open the passenger-side compartment (between the passenger door and the RV entrance door) and retrieve the 50 foot water hose
  3. Connect the orange end to the campsite water spigot
  4. Connect the other end to the RV water opening using the white twist nozzle
  5. Turn on the campground water to about half to start (sometimes the water pressure is more than needed and can put stress on the water system)
  6. Check the water flow to ensure the sinks and toilet are flowing properly
  7. If there’s a light flow, adjust the outside water spigot to a full flow and try again

No hookup water flow

The beauty of an RV is that it’s made to function off-the-grid.  To take advantage of running water without the campground hookup, simply do the following:

  1. Turn on the water pump at the RV “command center” (where you can check levels, start the generator, etc.)
  2. Run water as needed
  3. If water runs out, you can open the water fill toward the passenger-side back with the storage key (diamond silver key)
  4. Connect a hose to a campsite water spigot (see instructions above)
  5. Place hose into opening, turn on water (Note: Water should be turned on under a 1/4 turn, if flow too strong, will immediately overflow)
  6. When water overflows out of opening, tank is full (turn off water, close and lock water fill)

Note:  The internal fresh-water tank that powers the running water while off the grid is about 40 gallons and is always full at time of rental.  The quickest way to empty the take and run out of water is to take excessive showers or run the sinks for too long.  If you run out of water, many campgrounds have a central water station to refill but not always so be mindful of your camping situation when it comes to maintaining a steady flow of H2O!