When arriving to pick-up the RV, we’ve seen families stocked to the brim for their impending camping adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  But did you know that one of the big benefits of renting from us is that we also use our RV regularly in-between rentals.  And over the last year, we’ve stocked the LPB with the items that make our camping trips enjoyable and we leave them in the RV for you to enjoy as well.  We also offer add-on items for either a daily or one-time fee.  So don’t worry about having to over-pack, we may just have you covered!  Here’s an inventory list for common items you’ll have at your disposal when renting with us:

Included, free of charge:

  • Dinnerware such as paper plates, paper towels, cups, straws and utensils
  • Cleaning supplies (soap, spray cleaner, broom, handheld vacuum, trash bags)
  • Cookware including pots, pans, baking sheets
  • Cooking utensils including fire clickers, spoons, forks, knives, can opener, bottle opener, etc.
  • Tools, hammer, bungee cords, and other various utilities
  • Bug spray, bug repellent, mosquito candle
  • Bathroom supplies and linens, towels, wash cloth, laundry bag
  • First aid kits with ice packs, bandaids, antiseptic, bug bite care and more
  • Smores sticks for cooking over a fire
  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Awesome appliances such as a blender, portable ice-maker, toaster, Keurig coffee maker and ice-cream maker
  • A special care package with various goodies to make your trip more fun (but we’re leaving this as a surprise)

For an additional charge, we also can provide:

  • Essentials camping package which includes the most comfortable camping chairs you’ve ever sat in, drink table, outdoor rug, portable propane grill, portable fire bowl and more (daily charge)
  • Bedding package including sheets, blankets and pillows for all three beds (one-time fee)
  • Hitch mounted bike rack that holds 4 bikes comfortably (one-time fee)

To check availability on the Leamon Party Bus including pricing and add-on charges, please visit our Outdoorsy listing.