Ah, back to reality and civilization!  Most renters consider all the steps it takes to rent, pack and take-off on adventure, but what is truly needed to come back from an RV rental vacation?  Well, with the Leamon Party Bus, we have some answers, tips and things to take note of when it comes to returning home.  Here are some common questions / topics to consider:

What time do I have to return the RV?

Unlike many RV rental companies and other Outdoorsy owners, we do not offer a specific return time as policy.  We are more concerned about the cleanliness and care of the vehicle when you get back.  That being said, we will work with you on your return time depending on day of week (we work full-time M-F and are often home by 6pm, otherwise we’re usually pretty open on weekends) and when the next rental is leaving.

How much time do I need to complete the final walkthrough?

We have a unique process when it comes to drop-off and it involves honesty and trust between us!  You promise that you are up-front and forthcoming about any issues, damage, accidents, etc. and we promise that we will never attempt to have you pay for existing issues with the LPB!  In light of this policy, we can do two things:

  1. Offer a final drop-off time at a max of 30 min (so you can get your tired family to bed earlier!)
  2. Offer an absentee drop-off process if we’re not home

BTW, if you’re not prepared to be totally responsible for any damage you might cause on your trip (whether intentional or not) and want to be super anal about every little ding and issue, please please please do not rent with us (or contact us for a full refund), our rig is a 2007 unit.  It has bumps and bruises and is not for those seeking perfection and luxury!

So wait, how is your walkthrough only 30 min? 

We only really perform a cursory walkthrough while you’re present because it would take way too much of your time for you to stick around for a full walkthrough and we know you’re tired and aching to get home!  So our policy is to collect a signed Outdoorsy Return Form in that cursory drop-off period with the understanding that we can document any non-disclosed damage and hold your security deposit for it.  If you do not trust us in this capacity per the note above, please don’t rent from us!  Otherwise, it’s quite simple, if we find damage, or something that went wrong, we do our god-awful best to fix it at no cost, but if it requires repair, we take it from your deposit.

You mentioned an absentee drop-off?

Yes.  We work full-time.  If you’re coming back in the middle of the day during the week then simply fill out the provided Outdoorsy Return Form with any damage or issues you found during your trip (you don’t need to research cost or fill anything else out), sign and date.  Close and lock all windows and doors with the keys inside.  We’ll handle the rest.  But pease, park down below our hill and don’t attempt to drive it up to the top (see “where do I park…” below) otherwise, you’ll almost certainly be out your $1,500 deposit!

But what if something happened we didn’t know about?

Whether doing a live drop-off or absentee, we rely on communication with our renters and will call you if we find anything wrong or have any other questions regarding problems or damage.  We get it, many times you don’t even know something happened.  We will find it, try and fix it without incurring any cost to you and if not, we will let you know what we will be withholding from your deposit to fix what we found.  And again, if we find something, it happened on your trip, it was not there prior, trust us, this is our family RV and we know it inside and out!

When do I get my deposit back?

While the $1,500 deposit (equal to the Outdoorsy insurance deductible) is technically returned by Outdoorsy within 7 days, our policy is to return it to you within 48 hours in most cases.

In what scenarios will I not get some or all of my deposit?

We withhold deposit money for the following reasons:

  1. Insurance claims requiring the $1,500 for the insurance deductible
  2. Any damage that will cost less than $1,500
  3. Extraneous miles traveled outside of the 100 per day (or 300 per trip)
  4. Not following our fine print rental charges such as returning it filthy, not emptying the tanks, etc.

Where do I park the RV when I return?

As stated before, we live on a steep, winding hill and this poses a threat to the RV and your safety.  If you attempt to drive our RV up the hill, you will almost certainly damage the back-end and have to pay your $1,500 deductible for the insurance.  In light of this, we absolutely require that you do not take the RV up the hill yourself.  Park it in the dirt area below and contact us to take it up the hill ourselves.

Can I drop-off a day later or extend my vacation?

It’s possible!  It depends on availability and the next renter’s arrival.  Contact us as soon as you know and we can work it out including how that’s paid and the insurance coverage window (usually it takes working with Outdoorsy support to edit the current booking).

What would you recommend for planning my vacation and how drop-off factors in?

The best thing you can do is consider your energy level after your trip and how much you need to drive in that final day.  There’s nothing worse than having to drive 300-500 miles on your last day after packing up, then having to unload, then having to clean and go through our walkthrough!  It’s exhausting!  Leave a full day-and-a-half to start your journey home and complete those tasks in a more steady (and less exhausting or stressful) manner.