The best part about renting the Leamon Party Bus is the standard insurance policy provided by Outdoorsy which no other rental platform offers!  As soon as you pick up the keys you are covered by a $1M liability / $200k comprehensive and collision policy without having to pay extra, talk to an agent or sign gobs of forms.  And in many circumstances, you do not have to add coverage* or make any changes to your own auto-insurance policy which means less time you need to spend dealing with your insurance company and more time planning your trip!  The only requirement is that you pass a DMV drivers screening (basically, your DMV record is clean) which is done online through Outdoorsy’s website and is usually completed within 24 hours.

Coverage (after deductible) includes:

  • Damage to the exterior of the RV from collisions with other vehicles or objects
  • Damage to externally attached equipment including the step, vent covers, AC, awning, generator, etc.
  • Damage to other 3rd party vehicles or property

Unfortunately, coverage does not include interior damage to the RV of any kind, personal items brought into the RV by renters, convenience appliances and belongings we include as part of the RV (i.e. Ice Maker, Coffee Maker, etc.) so keep in mind that anything inside the RV that is damaged or missing, we reserve the right to deduct the value from the security deposit and/or collect above and beyond per signed contract with both us and Outdoorsy.

All that being said, just because Outdoorsy provides its awesome insurance coverage, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful while out on your rental adventure.  Any claim submitted for damage to the RV, lost or stolen items may be subject to withholding some or all of the $1,500 security deposit collected at the time of the rental.  And if the damage is significant, there is a $1,500 deductible you will be responsible for.  Please view The Fine Print for more information about our financial disclosures.

For more information about Outdoorsy’s insurance visit the following page:

*Note: There is a significant insurance deductible applicable to ALL rentals through Outdoorsy (whether ours or another listing).  The $1,500 insurance deductible is standard to all rentals through Outdoorsy and is not the same as the Security Deposit a given owner will charge you up front.  In other words, in an insurance damage claim, no matter how much the deposit you’ve given the owner up front, if you damage the vehicle greater than $1,500 worth, the renter are on the hook for it per the Outdoorsy rental platform requirements.  For more information, read The Fine Print.

Note:  Outdoorsy’s insurance coverage is different than its optional 24/7 roadside assistance.  Please make sure you select this option if you book our rig which will cover you for any operational issues while renting (which we will fully reimburse the cost).