Leamon Party Bus on our home driveway

LPB parked at our home up on the hill!

Picking up the RV is a simple process that will require approximately one to two hours depending on how familiar you are with operating an RV.  The first thing to plan however is how you will arrive for the start of your trip.  Here are some things to consider:

  • The RV is at our home in Escondido, CA which is about 20 miles north of San Diego and about 10 minutes East of the I15 Freeway
  • Our home is up a steep, winding hill off of the street with plenty of parking space for your car (you can leave your keys or take them with you, and of course, we’d never drive your vehicle without your desire or permission in cases of need)
  • Your car should be safe, we’ve never had a problem on our quiet little country-side home, however, we can’t make any promises
  • Other options include taking an Uber / Taxi or having someone drop-you-off/pick-you-up

Once you’ve arrived, we’ll do our walkthrough which includes the following:

  • Exterior damage inspection
  • Exterior systems education (sewer, water, electrical, etc.)
  • Interior damage inspection
  • Interior walk-through (appliances, amenities, storage, beds, toilet, etc.)
  • Power and water systems (generator, water pump, water heater, A/C)
  • Questions and additional details
  • Packing the RV with anything you’ve brought (note: you’ll want to review our inventory page to avoid over-packing)
  • Downloading the music app if you want to control music and lighting on the porch speaker & light

Following the walkthrough, and as long as you’re packed up, we’ll sign our rental checklist and liability form, take gas tank and odometer readings and prepare for your trip with one last task (a driving review and test around the block).  But don’t worry, we will drive the RV down the steep, winding hill first!

For every drop-off/pick-up, leave it to us to drive RV up or down the hill!  Under no circumstances should you drive the RV up the hill, this could cause significant damage to the RV and will require your security deposit.