Our family loves and uses our RV consistently.  But when it leaves our driveway, it is now temporarily owned by our renters.  All the fun and adventure it provides is now yours, but in return, should the unlikely event that something goes wrong occur, that too is your responsibility.  Don’t get me wrong!  We’re here to help with any issues to ensure that your experience is the best it can be in any circumstance.  But we would rather you not rent our RV without fully understanding the fine print, especially in that scenario for when a problem arises.

New Policies

09-2017 – We require that all renters drop-off the RV in our dirt area down at the bottom of our hill / driveway (you’ll know it from our walkthrough at pickup).  By attempting to drive it up the hill yourself, not only do you endanger you and anyone inside, but you will almost certainly damage the back end of the RV (there’s a special way to turn into the driveway to avoid this) and it will cost you your full $1,500 deposit in the case of damage.

08-2017 – Note that the RV is now under GPS surveillance to ensure your safety in an emergency situation.  In addition, our GPS provider will alert us to speed alerts (traveling over the posted speed limit signs).  Any tire malfunction in these scenarios are subject to security deposit being  withheld for costs associated with towing, tire change, tire replacement, etc.

07-2017 – Pricing changes include an increase to $200 for surcharges (see below) and a $1,500 security deposit (up from $750)

Outdoorsy Insurance Deductible

The Outdoorsy platform is a wonderful way for RV owners to connect with renters and they’ve done a great job to facilitate this transaction!  But as with anything, there are limitations to what they provide including a $1,500 deductible on any damage / collision insurance claims.  This means that if you damage the RV while in your possession (whether it’s your fault or not), you are responsible for the $1,500 deductible.

If you feel you cannot afford this amount you can:

  1. Call your own insurance provider and add our RV as an binder to your policy for the dates you will be in possession.  If you have a better deductible, by all means, add the RV to it (many insurance companies allow it).  Just let us know so we can provide you with the vehicle information they will need (typically a VIN # and license plate #).  Keep in mind that any claims made against your insurance policy for damage to the RV could impact your insurance policy and rates (please discuss this with your insurance company).
  2. Let us know that you’re not comfortable with Outdoorsy’s $1,500 insurance deductible and we’ll cancel your booking with a full refund.  Keep in mind that when you rent through Outdoorsy, this deductible is standard (see Outdoorsy’s insurance page to review), regardless if the owner has not informed you of this aspect of renting through Outdoorsy.

Other Financial Disclaimers

We pride ourselves in the quality and readiness of the RV upon pickup.  When you arrive you’ll find that it’s been thoroughly cleaned, fuel tanks are filled appropriately, and it’s in great working order.  If there are any issues with the RV, we will be upfront about them and make sure to note them on your pickup form so that you are not responsible for any pre-existing conditions*.

In return, we expect that the RV is returned to us in a similar fashion.  If this is not the case, it is our discretion to charge a $200 service fee.  The following items will incur this service charge (typically taken from the security deposit):

  • Black water (toilet) tank is not properly dumped and cleaned
  • The cabin smells of cigarette or any other type of smoke (no smoking inside please)
  • There is extensive pet odor or damage
  • The gas tank comes back on or near empty
  • The vehicle is returned in excessively dirty / muddy condition for either the interior or the exterior

*Note: Between now and your pickup time, any trip altering issues or major failures we discover prior to your pickup will be disclosed immediately to give the renter opportunity to find another vehicle.  In this instance, we will provide a full refund with cancellation.

LPB Liability Form

All of the above is highlighted in our liability form that we require renters to sign in addition to the Outdoorsy documentation.  This form releases us of any legal liability in the case of something going wrong.  While we don’t anticipate you having anything but a wonderful time, an RV has many systems and components that could be dangerous.  We take every precaution we can to ensure everything is well-maintained and working properly but when you’re responsible for what is essentially a house on wheels, we can’t make any guarantees.  Essentially, you use at your own risk (as do we when our family takes it camping).  Feel free to download, sign and bring to us (or email it to us at leamonpartybus@gmail.com).  But don’t worry, we’ll have one ready to sign at the time of pick-up as well if you forget.

LPB Liability Form 04.2017.08.25