If you love camping with our humble little Leamon Party Bus, you’ll love it even more when it’s free!  That’s right, for simply sharing your trip online and tagging us in your photos and posts, you can win a free 2 night camping trip in the LPB and $100 in camping gift cards!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on at least one of the icons at the top of this page and like/follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  2. When you’re out on your trip, tag us in at least one, some or all of your posts, photos, videos, etc. (use @leamonpartybus to tag us and add #leamonpartybus as a hashtag in your text description)
  3. If you’re off the grid for your trip, don’t worry, tag us in anything you have to say after the trip is over
  4. Watch for our end-of-year drawing announcement to see if you’ve won!*
  5. Bask in the glory of a free camping trip in the Leamon Party Bus when you win!

And that’s it, good luck and happy camping!

* Some restrictions apply including the following:  Must put down full security deposit, if during summer must be applied to a paid booking of 3 days or more OR a non-booked weekend with only 1 week notice.  Please inquire with any questions!